Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics 2020 State Mathematics Tournament
February 22, 2020
sponsored by the
Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics
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Welcome to the OCTM State Mathematics Tournament website. The annual tournament is sponsored by the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics. All Ohio public, private and home-schooled students in grades 9-12 are invited to participate. Students can register as a school team member (for schools that are sponsoring a team), as an independent student (if his/her school is not sponsoring a team) or as a home-schooled student. The test is administered at test sites across Ohio. Testing time is 60 minutes for 40 questions, and calculators are permitted. Top scoring students receive awards and may qualify for available scholarships. The registration fee is $ 5.00 per student.


This website provides complete tournament information and instructions. It is where coaches manage there school information and students register for the test. The navigation buttons in the left margin will take you to specific site locations.

  • The Home button always returns you to this page.
  • Important Dates provides you with Tournament dates and deadlines.
  • Test Site Information lists tournament testing locations and contacts.
  • School/Coach Info. is where you find information on all Ohio high schools and detailed tournament information and instructions. It is also where new coaches sign-up as their school coach.
  • Test Registration is used by students and coaches to register for the tournament.
  • Awards / Scholarships reviews the various tournament awards and scholarships available to students that participate in the tournament.
  • Tests & Results is where tournament results are posted along with past tournament questions, answers and solutions.
  • OHMIO displays information about the Ohio High-school Mathematics Invitational Olympiad.
  • ARML displays information about the American Regions Mathematics League.
  • Graders provides information about volunteering to help grade the annual test.
  • Contact Information is available if you have any questions or comments regarding the tournament or this website.
  • OCTM Link takes you to the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics home page.
  • The Login button is used by anyone with a valid username and password to access the secured areas of this website.

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