Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics 2020 State Mathematics Tournament
February 22, 2020
sponsored by the
Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics
The American Regions Math League (ARML)

The American Regions Math League (ARML) is a national mathematics competition usually held in early June. High scorers on the OCTM contest will be invited to join the teams representing the State of Ohio. A team at the ARML is large compared to most other competitions, with each team composed of 15 students. This allows ARML to emphasize collaboration between students; three of the four rounds of the competition are team oriented. For more information about the ARML, visit the website at www.arml.com.. For information about Ohio ARML, visit Ohio ARML's page at http://www.cscc.edu/DOCS/MATH/faculty/ayang2.htm.

ARML Results
Year Document Comments
2005  2005 ARML Results  
2006  2006 ARML Results  
2007  2007 ARML Results  
2008  2008 ARML Results  
2009  2009 ARML Results  
2010  2010 ARML Results  
2011  2011 ARML Results  
2012  2012 ARML Results  
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