Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics 2020 State Mathematics Tournament
February 22, 2020
sponsored by the
Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics
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Awards are presented to students and schools that participate in the annual tournament. Individual students and school teams earn awards by achieving top scores on the test. All Ohio students are eligible for individual student awards and Ohio public and private school teams are eligible for team awards. Independent and home-school students are only eligible for individual student awards. For detailed information see Tournament Awards below.


Scholarships is a new tournament component that is currently under development. The OCTM Tournament committee is working with several colleges and universities for the purpose of granting scholarships to top scoring students. Students must agree to share their personal information with participating colleges and universities in order to be eligible for scholarship evaluation. Such student information will be used only with accredited colleges and universities for OCTM Tournament scholarship purposes. For details see Scholarships below.

  Student Awards

Cash awards are presented to the top ten scoring students.

1st Place $200.00 6th Place $50.00
2nd Place $100.00 7th Place $25.00
3rd Place $75.00 8th Place $25.00
4th Place $50.00 9th Place $25.00
5th Place $50.00 10th Place $25.00

OCTM Tournament Honor Pins are awarded to the top 20 students.


A certificate of achievement is presented to all participating students.

  School Team Awards

Plaques are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams in each of the five tournament levels. The five tournament levels are based on School Enrollment. Tournament levels are explained in the article How Levels Are Determined by Duane Bollenbacher.

  State Award Plaques

A plaque is awarded to the State Champion Student (the top scoring individual) and the State Champion School (the top team score).

  Ohio High-school Mathematics Invitational Olympiad (OHMIO)

Students are invited to participate in OHMIO based on their scores on the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics State Tournament. More than 100 of the students who participate in the OCTM tournament are invited to the OHMIO competition each year. These students are the top individual students and students of the winning team in each of the 5 levels of competition of the OCTM State Tournament. Click OHMIO for more information.

  American Regions Mathematics League (ARML)

High scorers on the OCTM tournament will be invited to join the ARML teams representing the State of Ohio in a regional mathematics competition. This competition is usually held in early June. Click ARML for more information.

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