Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics 2020 State Mathematics Tournament
February 22, 2020
sponsored by the
Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics
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All Ohio home-schooled students are invited to participate in the OCTM Tournament. Students must be of high school age/grade. Students can prepare for the test by clicking on "Test & Results" to review previous test questions, answers, and solutions. Home-schooled test takers are eligible for individual student tournament awards (see Awards / Scholarships).


The home-school coach is responsible for registering his/her home-school for the tournament. If you are a returning home-school coach, please login using your username and password to access your home page. Check your home-school information and test site location. Make any necessary corrections or changes. You may then register for the tournament by clicking on "School Registration Form". It is recommended that you review the Home-school coach information and make any necessary updates.


If you are a new home-school, please follow the procedures below to register your home-school for the tournament, and to register individual students for the test

STEP 1: Things to do before registering:

  • Select an adult who will serve as coach for your home-school.
  • Read the Home-school coach information for detailed instructions and procedures.
  • Review "Test Site Information" to determine the location where your student(s) will take the test.
  • View the "Important Dates" page to review the various tournament deadlines.

STEP 2: Register your Home-school for the tournament online:

  • Click the Home-School Registration link below to access online registration.
  • Enter your coach, home-school information, and select the test site location where your student(s) will take the test.
  • Click on "Submit Registration" to process your registration electronically.
  • Print two copies of the Home-school Registration form.
  • Mail one copy of the registration form along with your student fee check to the OCTM Tournament Director.
  • Coach will receive an email confirmation once the registration form and check have been received.

STEP 3: Register your student(s) for the test:

  • After receiving the email registration confirmation:
    • Login using your personal username and password.
    • Review and update your home-school information.
    • Reset the temporary student username and password for ease of student use
  • Register students for the test online
    • Coach or student may register
    • Email confirmation will be sent after each successful student registration
  • Refer to the Home-school coach information for detailed instructions regarding student test registration.

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