Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics 2020 State Mathematics Tournament
February 22, 2020
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Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics
The Ohio High-school Mathematics Invitational Olympiad
Students Compete Annually at Invitational Olympiad

The dream - to give the best of Ohio's mathematics students recognition for their mathematical abilities and to allow them to compete in a head-to-head competition - has taken place each spring for three years. The Ohio High School Mathematics Invitational Olympiad (OHMIO) brings together approximately 100 of the top Ohio students for a day of competitions, fun, and prizes.

Students are invited to the OHMIO based on their scores on the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics State Competition. More than 100 of the 2,000+ students who participate in the OCTM contest are invited to the competition each year representing approximately 50 schools.

The OHMIO Individual Competition has 20 open-ended questions similar to the OCTM competition but involves topics through calculus. The OHMIO Team Competition involves teams of four students from different schools in a quick-paced competition where the teams are given four questions to answer in at most four minutes with topics ranging from geometry through calculus.

Plaques are given to the top 15 in the OHMIO Individual Competition, the top 5 teams in the OHMIO Team Competition, and the top 15 students overall. In addition to plaques, the top 10 OHMIO Champions this year shared nearly $900 in cash awards. Three TI-83's and six graph links, donated from Texas Instruments, were given to the top nine youngest students and over $650,000 in scholarships were offered to these students from colleges and universities across Ohio.

(from the September 2001 OCTM newsletter)
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